BrainScience Brain Training Specialist was set up in 23rd July 2018, and it is a training centre that specializes in brainwave scanning and Neurofeedback training. We have imported the NeuroBrain brainwave test equipment and Neurofeedback training system from Korea. We carry the aim of utilizing scientifically proven and data-enhanced methods to analyze and stimulate the development of neural cells in different parts of the brain, so as to improve and enhance the brain’s functionalities and solve the different challenges faced by individuals and families.

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To build a Global Community with Healthy Brain, Mind and Body.

We strongly believe that powerful brain performance and health of every individual is the foundation in securing an overall united, creativity, competitive and truly prosperous society.


Building a professional, caring and supportive team offering quality service to all those in need of improving their brain potential.

Offering Brain Activation Consultation Support and Neurofeedback Training Programs that help people achieve improvements, so as to enhance their quality of lives.