NeuroBrain is the advanced neurofeedback technology developed based on scientific researches that enhances the development of human brain cells and neural networks. It is a highly individualised, tailor-made brain performance training program.

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NeuroBrain provides trainees with game-based or movie-based neurofeedback training, which allows brain stimulation to happen while the trainees enjoy the interactive brain training program. Each brain training program is specially tailored to suit the needs of trainees through the setting of various training modes, as required to enhance cognitive performances of trainees.

NeuroBrain captures and stores the real-time brainwave data of trainees throughout the training process, where the training records are closely monitored and managed through the cloud-based Management System.


  • Relaxation Program
  • Attention Program
  • Concentration Program
  • Memory Program
  • Self-Regulation Program
  • Left-Right Brain Balance Program