The advanced technology of Neurofeedback training that is designed to help children and youths overcome challenges in the aspects of learning ability, thinking ability and emotional control.

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According to the results of the latest international scientific research, it has been proven that many problems related with the learning ability, thinking ability and emotional control of children and youths can be overcome and improved through brainwave training. The reasons of such problems are largely due to the uncoordinated functions of the brain’s nervous system or the limitations in brain development.

NeuroBrain Training was developed based on the principles of Neurofeedback technology. The combination of internationally patented “NeuroBrain brain training equipment” and professional brain wave regular software, allows children under the guidance from our certified trainers to significantly improve on the three major aspects mentioned above, and thus, achieving the nine effects as seen below.

This helps students to obtain better results in school, as well as enhance their intellectuality, creativity, responsiveness, self-control, comprehension, determination, attention, concentration and memory. Such enhancement would enable children to have a healthier and brighter future development.