NeuroSound Technology (NST) is a technological device that combines frequency and music. Originating from the United States, it is internationally recognized for its effectiveness to enhance the brain’s state of learning. The role of NST is mainly to promote the balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, in order to achieve relaxation, stabilize emotions and enhance brain functions.

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The combination of the 4 audio technologies, namely the binaural wave technology, isochronous audio, single audio technology and high audio technology, is what makes the NST headsets special and effective. Each theme of NST is also specially designed to enhance the different cognitive functions of individuals, where the available themes are such as Attention, Learning Ability, Powerful Memory and Autism. For each themed headset, it will include 4 to 5 stages of audio tones across a wide range, each specifically targeting the activation of specific areas of the brain.




  • Advanced technology
  • Internationally patented
  • Applicable for many
  • Easy usage
  • Obvious effects